Jesilyn Shambarger

I was born and raised in north central Indiana and grew up in Miami County. I have been interested in art from a young age and have fond memories of my grandma teaching me how to paint as soon as I could pick up a paintbrush. 

In high school, I excelled in art and anatomy classes.

In 2013, while in college, I began working alongside the amazing artists at the Bohemian Tattoo Club as the front desk receptionist. Shortly after starting at Bohemian, I was accepted to the highly competitive dental hygiene program at the IU School of Dentistry at IUPUI. During my time in college, I took several facial anatomy courses. 

While working at the Bohemian Tattoo Club, I found a new path to my passion in the arts, and ultimately decided to leave dental school to pursue art full time.

In 2017, after working the front desk at Bohemian for 4 years, I began my cosmetic tattoo journey with an apprenticeship in Indianapolis.

Since then, I have done several continuing education courses, extended training, and seminars over the years. I have received certificates for courses completed in person and online in Miami, NYC, Las Vegas, and more — most notably with the legendary brow artist Brow Daddy in New York City in 2019, where I won best work of the weekend out of 100 artists.

To stay up to date with the newest techniques and products currently available in the realm of cosmetic tattooing, I travel and seek continuing education online every 2 years with an artist that I admire in the industry. 

From the very beginning of my cosmetic tattoo career, I have always strived for the most natural result possible. My artwork outside of cosmetic tattooing consists of portrait paintings and drawings focused mainly on realism. I have a keen eye for detail and I strive for perfection in my work. My strong background in facial anatomy combined with my lifelong interest in makeup and beauty both give me an advantage in my field. My career in cosmetic tattooing combines my interests of art, anatomy, makeup, beauty, and tattooing all in one. I feel very lucky to get to do something I love on a daily basis that combines so many of my interests. 

Tattooing realistic brows is my passion, and I love being able to give clients the brows they have always dreamed of. 

For more information please visit the Cosmetic Tattoo Questions page.