How much does a cosmetic tattoo cost?

Cosmetic Tattoo

$550 Total

Price includes:
Deposit to Book — $50
1st Session — $350
2nd Session — $150

What is the process?

Most clients have best results after 2 appointments. Building natural-looking brows is a process. I prefer to work in layers, allowing one layer to heal (1st session), before we go in with another layer to further refine the brows and darken them if needed (2nd session).

1st session | 3 hours — consists of laying the foundation for your new brows. I take my time to map out your shape and create your custom color match. I always start with minimal coverage for this session, and keep things on the subtle side, knowing the color will heal light enough with room for us to add more color to them later, if we want to. This way, they can easily be built upon at the second session. I live by the motto: We can always add more but we cannot take away!

2nd session | 2 hours — is to assess how they have healed, and build onto the base that we created at the first session. Once I have assessed how your brows have healed, this allows me to further refine your unique color, shape and style, so that I can give you the best brows possible.

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin type and how well you take care of them over time, usually 2-5 years before needing a touch up. The brows will gradually fade to a lighter shade over time, and your shape and the main structure of the brow tattoo will remain there for several years. Please note that all forms of cosmetic tattooing are considered permanent, and any time ink is put into the skin it is considered a tattoo.

I encourage clients to wait as long as possible before coming in for a touch up. I prioritize the health of your skin; therefore, I don’t want to risk creating scar tissue by tattooing your brows too often. If you feel like you need a touch up every year, we can discuss your options.

How do you determine the color and shape?

I will match your natural brow hair color. If you do not have brow hair, or if the brow hair is light, then I will look at the scalp/root hair color and mix a custom shade that looks the most natural. Shape is determined through a detailed mapping process using your facial anatomy and bone structure. You will approve the shape before we begin.

Does it hurt?

I use topical numbing cream. Most clients feel very relaxed and often fall asleep while I am working on them.

Do you go over previous work from other artists?

Corrective work & cover-ups can only be done if the previous work has faded enough, if the shape is easily fixable, and if there is minimal scar tissue. During our consultation, I will be able to assess your existing work, and let you know the next steps to take to get the best result (sometimes a referral to laser tattoo removal may be necessary to lighten the existing tattoo, or for us to start with a clean slate).

Do I need to shave off my brow hair before having my brows done?

No, please keep your natural brow hair. I will clean up any stray hair outside of your new shape (which will grow back, and you may want to maintain it via tweezing, etc.)

What are the different styles of brow tattooing?

  • HAIRSTROKES — individual hair-like strokes done with a microblading tool or a small needle. This style is best suited for clients who do not wear makeup, as it is meant for very minimal coverage, & does not add any fullness or density. Hairstrokes on their own heal best on young, dry to normal skin types, with no wrinkles or visible pores.
  • SOFT SHADING — commonly known as “powder brows” due to the soft, diffused, powdery look this style gives; this style is done with a light shading technique that gives fullness and definition to the brows while still looking very soft and natural. This style works well for all skin types, but is the best option for oily and mature skin. If you fill in your brows on a regular basis, you will need some shading to give you the amount of coverage you’re after.
  • COMBINATION — hairstrokes and shading together; this style gives more coverage than hairstrokes on their own. I will opt for this style for clients who need to blend their existing brow hair with the tattoo in certain areas.

At your initial appointment, I will determine the best style for you after assessing your skin type and your overall goals for your brows.

What is the down time?

Most return to work right away, unless you are exposed to environments with dust, dirt, oil, steam, sprays/irritants or airborne particles.

Please see “What to Avoid” section in the Aftercare Instructions for more info.


Additional Info:


Tanning & spending time in the sun will fade your brows.

Wear a hat/sunglasses when outdoors for long periods & use SPF!

Do not get your brows done right before vacation.

Especially if you plan on being out in the sun a lot, going swimming, etc. We can do them 2 weeks before you go, or 1-2 weeks after you get back.

If you have blonde/white brow hair.

Once the brows have healed, I recommend using a tinted brow gel/mascara to blend your brow hair with the tattoo underneath.

A note about makeup.

My goal is to give you the most natural result possible. If you prefer a more bold/dark look, you can use your new shape as a template to add makeup to the brows after they are healed.

You cannot have your brows tattooed if:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Taking Accutane or have taken it in the past year
  • Have chronic acne, psoriasis or other skin conditions in brow area
  • Under the age of 18

Please download the guide below to learn how to prepare your skin for your cosmetic tattoo appointment.

Please download the guide below to learn how to care for your cosmetic tattoo after your appointment.