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Let’s get started on your cosmetic tattoo journey! First, you will start by filling out the questionnaire form below. This information is important to discuss before scheduling any appointments. Next, I’ll review your answers and get back with you soon after via email. In the meantime, please read my FAQ, Prep care, and Aftercare.

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3. Do you regularly take blood thinners? (Such as: Ibuprofen, Niacin, Aspirin, Vitamin E, or Fish Oil)

4. Have you ever taken Accutane or other acne medications? If yes, have you taken them in the past year?

5. Do you have any autoimmune disorders? (Such as: diabetes, alopecia, celiac, arthritis, psoriasis or other)

6. Please list all known allergies:

7. Have you ever had a reaction to any dyes/pigments or cosmetics/makeup?

8. Do you have any sensitivities to anesthesia, such as Lidocaine? (Usually, you would know this if you have ever had an issue with numbing at the dentist.)

9. How would you describe your skin type? (Dry, normal, oily, combination, mature, scarred or textured)

10. How does your skin do with healing wounds? Do you scar very easily?

11. Have you ever had very thick/abnormal scar tissue, such as a keloid scar?

12. Have you ever had post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on/around a wound? (The skin darkens around the wound)

13. If you have other tattoos, did they heal well?

14. Have you ever had your brows tattooed/microbladed before? If so, when was your last session, and how many total sessions have you had?

15. Please list any products that you use on your face:

16. If you have a skin care routine, please explain your process:

17. Do you regularly get facials, peels, microdermabrasion, electrolysis, Botox, waxing, threading, or any other services on the face?

18. What are your goals for your brows?

19. Please send me photos of your brows without makeup. (One photo straight-on of both brows & one of each brow from the side. You can also send me a photo of your brows with makeup so I can see how you normally wear them.)

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