Doug Burkmire

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, even as a kid constantly drawing and creating. In school, I was always doodling on my homework and took every art class that was offered. High school would lead me to a strong interest in graphic design and video production. After graduation in 2004, I would have various design jobs, and even ran a sign shop for a while.

Later on in life I would begin my journey as a tattoo artist under the guidance of Bradley Pearce. I did my first tattoo in late 2009 and from there I have made it my full time career and passion. With my history of graphic design it didn’t take long before I was designing my tattoos digitally. I love the flexibility and efficiency of creating on my iPad, but I still enjoy getting out a sketchbook or even painting a mural from time to time. I’ve grown to love black n grey realism and lettering, but I do love exploring most styles of tattoos.