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Let’s get started on your next favorite tattoo! First, you’ll contact me via the consult form below. Then, continue with email communication, as it’s easier to balance with busy schedules and allows us to take our time collecting our thoughts and ideas. Instead of either of us being put on the spot in person or losing track of all the details. This keeps record of our discussions in one easily accessible location. Most times, I’m able to reply within a couple of days, but sometimes it may take a couple of weeks depending on my schedule.

Next, when filling out the form info, please remember to be descriptive and thorough with your ideas, size, and placement so I can get you an accurate price quote and how much time we’ll need for appointments. I do my pricing by the piece as a flat rate so you know what it’s going to cost before we get started. No watching the clock or worrying about hourly rates. Instead, you can just relax, hang out, and get tattooed. If it’s a larger project I will divide it up amongst “full day” appointments where we come in at noon, set a goal for the day, and get that portion knocked out.

In an event, that we finish up early or occasionally other times we may need to stay late. On an extra rare occasion, we may schedule an additional appointment at no additional charge to the original quote. I consider a “full day” an eight hour block and a “half day” a four hour block. Not all may be needed, but I prefer to block out extra time instead of feeling rushed to get your tattoo done. Once I’ve received all required details about your tattoo, I’ll reply with a quote and estimate of how much time we’ll need to schedule. At this time, you’ll be able to call up to the shop and one of our receptionists will happily schedule/set up your appointments.

Finally, as for artwork…I’ll sit down the night before or the morning of and prepare the design. When you come to your first appointment, it will be ready for you to review, at that time we can make minor changes/tweaks. As long as you’re thorough with your ideas during the consult and provided that you trust my previous works, then it typically doesn’t require any changes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email with any questions.

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