Wesley Merritt

    Born and raised in central Indiana, and a graduate of Western Boone High School. I studied art at the Joe Kubert School of Art in Dover, N.J. I worked several years as a concept artist and 2D artist for Activision, Marvel Comics and Universal Studios. I have painted most of my life with an affinity for watercolors. I am a signature member of the Watercolor Society of Indiana.

    Over the past 15 years I have won National and local awards for my work. My paintings and prints are represented by International publisher Hadley House out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    After a decade on the road, selling art at fine art shows in good weather, bad weather and one tornado in Arkansas, I found it time to find more reliable work at home. I knew and admired an artist from back in his art school days (Mike Sirot) that was doing amazing and inspiring work on skin. The art of tattooing has come a long way since the early 1990’s and is still growing. This led me to find what I would consider the best shop in the state of Indiana and beyond. I was fortunate to find The Bohemian Tattoo Club and get an apprenticeship under Max Egy, who is a master artist on skin and canvas.
    I enjoy many different styles of tattooing. Traditional, neo-traditional and realism are my favorites. I love nature and the outdoors. Tattoos with that element certainly inspire me.
    I will be striving to continue to grow and learn as and artist and share that with my clients.