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Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed! Unfortunately, my books are currently closed (exception of weekend/jump-line rates) due to my calendar being scheduled out for the next 2 years. I’m still taking requests for projects to schedule at the time my books re-open in the future. As of now, I’m only focusing on projects with a large amount of artistic freedom. As long as you can keep it simple yet conceptually open, I’m fairly open to subject matter. However, let me be the one who has fun with the details! In addition, if I’m able to splatter some ink around, do a few abstract things, and get surreal with it… we can create an awesome piece together! Although a lot of my work is focused on realism, I’m open to more illustrative/new school ideas as well on occasion, too. In my opinion, some ideas appear fun and more fitting in an illustrative style than pure realism.

This page shows a few examples of tattoos/tattoo ideas that are in the style(s) that I’m most excited about working on for future design concepts. Please look over the style elements of these tattoos before completing the form below. With this in mind, if this is something you’re interested in, send a reply by email and I’ll put you at the top of the list to be contacted once my books are about to reopen. Let’s make your tattoo as unique as you are!

Typically, I work in full day sessions. Appointments begin at 11 AM and usually continue until 6 or 7 o’clock, depending on the progress. With large scale projects, the first appointment consists of a grey lining session of the design layout. After that, we’ll continue finishing up as we go. Please be specific about the part of the body you want tattooed. For example, if you want a half sleeve, let me know if you are thinking just the outside of your arm or wrapping all the way around. Also, make sure you indicate if this is a cover-up and if so, upload a picture of the tattoo that you want covered. When sending images of the body part you would like tattooed, it is better to have a friend or someone else take the photograph so it’s not an awkward, strange angle taken through a mirror. A clear image is needed.

Next, you will need to put down a deposit of $200 to book an appointment. Although, this amount will be applied toward the final cost upon your last session. All deposits are non-refundable. Additionally, if you cancel your appointment without 48+ hours notice, then your deposit will be forfeited. Lastly, we’ll be reaching out to you a week before your appointment to remind you of your appointment day/time. If we do not receive a confirmation that you will be coming to the appointment, we will assume you’re not able to make it and we will schedule someone else for that day.

Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed by me, and I look forward to working on future projects with you!

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Please be specific with location and indicate inside, outside, upper, lower, etc. Also keep in mind half sleeves include inside and outside, so if you're just wanting the outside of the upper arm please indicate outside upper arm, shoulder to elbow.
Please do your best to best describe the style of tattoo desired.
Please indicate an approx measurement of the maximum area you'd like to cover.
Please upload clear and well lit photo(s) of where you would like to get your tattoo, and if possible mark the area that you'd like to cover. Accepted formats: Jpeg, jpg, png, heic
This is your chance to describe the ideas you have in mind for your tattoo. If you're uploading any references images please explain what you do and don't like about the images you've included.
Please upload any reference images that would help give us an idea of what you have in mind. Accepted formats: Jpeg, jpg, png, heic

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