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     First, please submit a consultation form below. After submitting a request, please be patient as it may take me a couple of weeks to respond. I’ll send you a text message to attempt arranging a brief phone consultation. (So please provide a working cell phone number). Consultations usually only take a few minutes. At that time, we can further discuss design options and estimate the time we’ll need to complete your tattoo. If you are looking for a large piece (such as a sleeve, back piece, half sleeve…) you will need to schedule multiple full day sessions. These appointments are typically arranged approx four weeks apart to allow each session to fully heal. You may choose to separate each session farther apart or we can be more aggressive and schedule them closer together if you wish.

    My rate is $200 per hour. A full day session can typically range from 5 to 7 hours of “tattoo time”. You may physically be in the shop for eight hours, but I don’t charge for set up time or any breaks taken. Also, I don’t charge for draw time. I will create your design a couple of days prior to your appointment. I rarely get the time to work further ahead, so you won’t see a design until the day of your appointment. That’s why it’s so important for me to have a phone consultation with you so that I know precisely what you want in the design. The only time I charge for artwork is if you show up for an appointment and have a design change that we didn’t previously discuss. If we need to make any tweaks to your design, that won’t be a problem. (That’s complementary)

     Next, you will need to call the shop to set up your appointment(s). To book an appointment, I require a $100 deposit. The deposit is a “rolling” deposit. It honors your first appointment then it rolls to your second and so on. When we complete your tattoo, your deposit is deducted from your total at the final session. However, the shop requires a 48+ hour notice for any cancellations or reschedules. We would require a new deposit to honor any other upcoming appointments. If you do not immediately reach out to us with that new deposit, we will cancel all upcoming appointments and give them to the next person in line. If your appointment is for one session, then you must start at phase one and place a new deposit, and then schedule for the next available appt.

     Finally, please know that my minimum is $250 for small tattoos. If you’re considering a couple or multiple small tattoos, I would suggest doing them all at one time to save a few bucks.

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Please do your best to best describe the style of tattoo desired.
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Please upload clear and well lit photo(s) of where you would like to get your tattoo, and if possible mark the area that you'd like to cover. Accepted formats: Jpeg, jpg, png, heic
This is your chance to describe the ideas you have in mind for your tattoo. If you're uploading any references images please explain what you do and don't like about the images you've included.
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