Chris Doyle

     I’m Chris Doyle. I grew up with a love for drawing for as long as I can remember… I was always doing what my big brother did. He was a great artist and one of my biggest inspirations. So, thanks to him, I knew very early on that I was eventually going to be an artist of some sort. Formerly, a tattoo artist by the name of Jameson Tattoos. Presently, Chris Doyle Tattoos.

    First, I began my professional tattoo artist journey in Beech Grove, just South of Indianapolis, in 2012. Over the next five years, I worked all throughout Indianapolis. Next, I took a job opportunity in Florida. I had worked in St. Petersburg for the last five years until recently making my way back to my hometown of Kokomo in 2022. Finally, getting to work alongside Timothy Boor and his incredible crew, all while being back home near my family is such a blessing.

    I absolutely love tattooing in all styles, but my preferred tattoo style leans toward black and grey realism. Neo traditional can be very fun as well as color infused designs. Now, let’s get things rolling through a brief consultation.

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