Cameron Fagan

    I’ve been very interested in art in different mediums since I can remember. When I was in third grade, I drew something for my uncle and he took it into the tattoo shop he frequented called Armadillo Reds in Orlando (where I was born and raised) and got it tattooed. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and ever since that day I was set on becoming a tattoo artist! I took art classes all throughout school and had an art class after school with one of the animators at Disney. While in high school, I spent 2 years in a dual enrollment class at Mid Florida Technical Institute. I also had a friend who was motivated to start a clothing company called “Moreless” and I helped create designs for shirts and learned how to screen print. After graduating school and realizing that I had to follow my dreams to be happy, I moved to Indiana and started tattooing professionally.

    Since then, I’ve tattooed at the Chicago Tattoo Convention and have done a couple guest spots back home. I can’t wait to see where this industry takes me and I’m excited to be working at the tattoo shop that I’ve always thought was the best around! My goal is to be able to tattoo anyone who walks through the door. If I had to pick a style that I prefer to work in – I would say black and grey realism. Animals and faces are always fun to me, but I am excited about  each new tattoo that someone trusts me to make. My clients have gotten me this far so I just want to please them and give them an amazing tattoo that is better than what they imagined.