Sam Prifogle is an artist originally from Kokomo, Indiana. Sam began art at an early age of 12….drawing comics and superheroes. He continued exploring different forms of art into his teens, never quite knowing what direction to take. Sam drew, painted, and sculpted throughout his teens and twenties, even attending Purdue University to pursue a liberal arts degree with a major in photography, an interest he developed in high school. At the age of 25 Sam all but abandoned his craft, letting his future wife and career dominate most of his time. Fast forward 10 years to 2013 when Sam decided he would like to try to paint some abstract pieces to sell and supplement his income. Sam expanded his work to the surreal, to comic style art and finally to the surreal portraits that he enjoy’s today.

Sam can be reached and followed on Facebook and on Instagram at the links below.    

Facebook:   @ArtOfSamPrifogle

Instagram:  @doodlesofamadman